Brain abscess

Brain abscess requires an emergent neurosurgical treatment. Brain abscesses can develop from hematogenous spread (usually from an infection in the mouth or the lung with hematogenous spread to the brain) or from contiguous infection in cases with ear or sinus infections. The goal of surgery is the evacuation of the abscess and to determine the microorganisms causing the infection through microbiological culture. Evacuation can be done through a burr hole or a craniotomy in cases with superficial abscesses, or through a stereotactic or neuronavigated puncture in the case of deep abscesses. If there is an infection in the ventricular system, an external ventricular drainage may be necessary.


Subsequently, prolonged antibiotic treatment will be required for 4-6 weeks.



Microsurgical treatment of brain abscess

Brain biopsy with neuronavigation or stereotactic frame

External ventricular drainage

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