Neurocirugia Avanzada BCN has born as a continuation of the project started by Dr. Florensa in 2007 with the foundation of the neurosurgical society Neuroquirúrgica Dr. Florensa SLP whose founding partners were Dr. Ramón Florensa, Dr. Gerard Plans and the Dr. Jorge Muñoz, a group of neurosurgeons who combine their clinical practice in the public health sector with providing private healthcare at Centro Médico Teknon.

Over the years and with the intention of reaching a greater number of patients with disorders that may require a neurosurgical treatment, our healthcare activity has been enlarged, providing services to different Health Insurances and offering outpatient consultations in different medical centers (Centro Médico Catalonia, grupo GEMA in Mataró, Centro Médico Martorell, Clínica Tres Torres).

The aim of Neurocirugia Avanzada BCN is to get closer to the patient, making difussion of our experience in Neurosurgery through the creation of a new website, being present in the social networks and providing an easier access to a neurosurgical consultation with us through online appointment scheduling and online medical evaluation services.

We are an expert group of neurosurgeons. We use the best technology available to achieve the best results for our patients.

Neurocirugia Avanzada BCN is excellence, innovation, dynamism, empathy and commitment to our patients.

For your convenience, you can also request an appointment online